Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Open Letter To Star Jones: Girl, Have A Seat!

Star Jones Puts Foot In Mouth AGAIN....

Alright...I may be a tad late on this news story, but recently, Star Jones, attorney, reality show star and former talk show co-host of The View, made some controversial comments about Anderson Cooper and other celebs coming out as a "publicity stunt". Her words were problematic to me for several reasons, and Ms. Jones needs one of her gay friends sit her down and explain some of the nuances of "coming out of the closet."

Here is my take on this:

1). Gays and Lesbians have been mocked, scorned, ridiculed, and attacked from every type of person in society(Black, White, Latino, etc). When gay men are portrayed on television, it is more often than not, as a flaming, finger popping queen, full of snappy one-liners, who desperately wants to act and be like a woman. Lesbian women are portrayed as hard, studly chaps, with all of two inches of hair on their heads, a strap-on dildo, and is more of a dude than most of the boys on the corner sagging their jeans. Although there are some in both parts of the LGBT community that fit neatly into these stereotypes, it is skewed tremendously into a buffoonish caricature of the same gender loving population. Coming out of the closet often means having to face a barrage of questions, comments and innuendo, both openly and behind the scenes from ignorant, uneducated morons, and even "educated" Negroes like Ms. Jones. It is not a walk in the park, and although not inconceivable, I don't see many folks willingly subjecting themselves to that unless they personally felt that some child growing up will see their act of bravery and accept themselves as well.

2).Star Jones is the last girl to talk about a publicity stunt.

Wasn't she the one who had a public marriage to a man many said was allegedly gay? The same Star Jones that had gastric bypass and then lied about it before the world? (He denies this.)Wouldn't that make her more sensitive and less cynical about gay people, and thus think twice before criticizing an LGBT person?

Star Jones even got sponsorship for her wedding......chile talk about maximizing celebrity!

3). Star, you have outlived your 15 minutes of fame and have promoted yourself flawlessly, taking full advantage of every opportunity to get in front of a camera, and now you criticize Cooper and Lady Oprah for telling their own truths? If you had been more honest after your surgery, the perception of you would be better than what it is today.

I will be watching Satan's Sisters, though. I love the thinly veiled messy shot you are taking at Barbara Walters and the View. Get your revenge girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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