Friday, July 27, 2012

A Sample Of What I Have To Deal With...LOL

Hey everyone!

Just taking some time out to show how some hetero sistas have been responding to my book, When The Lights Go Out: The Truth About Black Male Prison Sexuality. Overall, the response has been positive. I like hearing contrary views also, so here is a sample of a conversation I just had with a woman  we will call "Doretha"...LOL

Please take this as humor.....LMAO

Black Lady: "I don't want to talk about your book. That shit sounds nasty. A bunch of niggas fuckin in prison. I want to talk about how do we get our black men out of prison!"

Me: Thanks for your question,but not what I am here for. Perhaps if you organized other like-minded folks to put pressure on lawmakers to ease up the War On Drugs that target black men, you will get better results than complaining to me about it. Good luck with that, however. My book is NOT prison erotica, Ma'am. It may not be wise to form an opinion about a book you haven't even read one page of.

Black Lady:But what laws do we need to change?

Me: Again, I am not here for that, but check with your local Congressman or City Councilman/woman as to what laws adversely affect black and latino men in your city or county jurisdiction. Thanks for your comment.

Female: So why can't you do that? You supposed to be the "prison expert"? *side eye*

Me: Again, if you feel uncomfortable about discussing human sexuality in or out of prison, then say that. I fully understand.  This topic is not for everybody.However,I am not here to hear you vent about an issue you say you are so passionate about, but have not done one atom's weight worth of research to learn who is fighting these battles. The War On Drugs will NOT end any time soon. Black men will continue to be targeted by this system unless an outcry big enough is heard to combat it. BE THE CHANGE YOU SEEK. Stop waiting for others to do what you have the power to do within yourself.

Black Lady: So why nobody doing this already?

Me: Ma'am there are many organizations involved in this fight. The ACLU, NAACP,Rainbow Push, National Action Network, are just a few. Perhaps you can join one of those groups and lead the charge!

Black Lady: I ain't trying to do all that! I do think we need to stop these po-lice(that is how she pronounced police) from locking all these niggas up though.

Me: I agree. Thanks for your time.

Black Lady: But wait, how much is your book?


Black Lady: My girl might read this...(pulls out crisp $20.00, hands it to yours truly)

This scenario ended well....this whole experience, though, is teaching me to bridle my tongue....there were several points in this convo where i wanted to snatch Mama's WIG(a figure of speech meaning cuss her out), but I stayed calm....LMAO

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  1. Proud of you Hassan. Sometimes biting your tongue and playing things out are well worth the outcome. We just have to remember that many come from a place of not understanding and that's when the most patience is needed by those who do understand.



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