Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Wassup guys!

So....I've been listening to author/radio host/documentary filmmaker Tariq Nasheed for about 4 years now. I grew  to respect his insight on many issues related to the black collective, and found his programs both entertaining and informative. I overlooked his reference to some folks as "moist", as I have been known myself to refer to heterosexual black men and women as "breeders" on more than one occasion(72% of black children born out of wedlock...breeders seemed apt). In a broadcast of his weekly Sunday Ustream show on December 18, 2016, Tariq began, for lack of a better phrase, a "rant", directly equating black gay men who assert themselves as "masculine", with child molesters.

You read that last sentence correctly.

I didn't want to misquote Nasheed or "take him out of context", so the entire clip from the beginning of his rant to the end is posted above. I will begin quoting him at the 1:55 mark of the clip, to delineate clearly what the outrage was that I experienced when I heard this disgusting, false and bigoted commentary.

"...Yea the dude was like, 'Just because you're gay don't-you don't mean you're not masculine'...and you know what that sounds like? THAT'S CHILD MOLESTER TALK. When people start saying THAT, THAT'S child molester talk. that's what motherfuckers say to little kids that they're trying TO TURN OUT...."

I could not type any more of that disgusting garbage without literally cringing.

the entire rant is, again, posted above for all to view for yourselves.

Where do I begin....? Nasheed asserts that when black gay men assert they  also can be masculine, that the mere notion that there is ANYTHING similar to heterosexual black "manhood" is and should be a danger sign to ALL heterosexuals that this same gender loving man is predatory and wants to molest your children.


This level of ignorance could not go without a response. So I took to Twitter and voiced my displeasure over his deplorable and despicable commentary:

Here we go:
Notice that I tagged Tariq in the post.

That's not uncommon for me. See, whatever I have to say  about a person, I DO NOT care if they see it or hear about it, because I can defend my position with TRUTH. I wasn't "trolling", I was genuinely and deeply offended by his brazenly stupid comments. I have been out of the closet since December 1994, a time when it was much more unspoken and taboo to be same gender loving in the black community than it is now. I am, and we as same gender loving people are a part of the black community and experience, whether the bigots like it or not.

Please note that I am using the term "bigot", rather than "homophobic". One of the games that the "conscious" black community loves to play is a word game. They dissect the word "homophobia" and center on the "phobia" part, to which they always reply, "I'm not scared of (gays)!" (insert expletive or slur in place of gay). To pinpoint his ignorance and not allow these Negroes to deflect and change the narrative, call them what they are: anti gay "bigots".  Honestly though, being that Tariq was a critically acclaimed filmmaker and NY Times best selling author, I didn't expect him to respond to my tweet.

Nor did I expect him to respond within three minutes of my posting it.

Here was his first response:
LOL....wait, what???
I leveled a serious charge at the guy, and his only response was to not only avoid the comment, but suggest that I want his "attention"?
Does his attention come with $$$? Because if not, go kill yourself.
Being that now I would have to behave as the "adult" in the discussion, I clarified my statement and remained firm.
Now anyone who knows me, knows that I could tear the skin off of this thin skinned heterosexual butch queen and drag his ass to the gates of  Hell verbally...
...clearly if he is too weak in his defense of his own "truth", then I will destroy this jackass with ease.
....but I respected the guy....I bought Hidden Colors 1,2,3,and 4, and have even shown them in my classes to my students.
Maybe he didn't know what I was talking about SPECIFICALLY.
So I showed him.....
Well now is the moment of truth.
 I posted his own words IN FRONT OF THE WORLD back to him, so he cannot continue to deny that he made these appalling comments.
I even told him where in the clip to begin....LOL....
That made the thin skinned heterosexual butch queen Tariq Nasheed furious.
I stayed gracious, fully aware that what Tariq wants is to bait you into an angry response so that he can paint you as the "troll".
I played it cool and ENDED the conversation.
What a disappointment. A brother that I thought had the maturity and class to defend his position when questioned about it, deflected and made this some false narrative about me wanting "attention" from him.
When I said,  "Have a great day..." he did something I would never have foreseen.
This thirsty, tired, trolling ass heterosexual butch queen got under not ONE...OR TWO....OR THREE...BUT FOUR FAKE ACCOUNTS and started trolling ME!
(click the link below; tired of posting tweets one by one LOL)
So....Tariq Nasheed goes on and on and on in this clip to call heterosexual black men "real niggas", suggest that black gay men get preferential treatment in corporate America (although he has NEVER worked in a Fortune 500 company to know this), and that we, black same gender loving men, are AGENTS OF WHITE SUPREMACY HELL BENT ON DESTROYING THE BLACK COMMUNITY.
I didn't make that bullshit up.

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