Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Dear Iyanla Vanzant,

May God be pleased with you, and your loved ones, and I pray you receive this in a positive but strong spirit, and not one of defensiveness and umbrage.

"Justice" is a principle of fair dealing. It has legal, ethical, and real time aspects to it. Justice also balances the human mind. When human beings feel deprived of justice, their frustration, anger and fear grows within that mind. The greater the injustice, the greater the imbalance. To blame those deprived of justice for reacting to IN-justice in ways not deemed "appropriate" by civil society, is morally disingenuous. The key to solving the problem is to discover the root of their oppression, deal with it, remove it or contain it, and then-but ONLY then-can a spirit of PEACE begin to develop......

...When protesters say, "No Justice, No Peace", what they are saying is, "without that principle of fair dealing, there will be no ease...." to scold the victim for reacting to his oppression,only appears that you want to PACIFY HIM OR HER, not bring peace.

Iyanla, not once have you had a show spotlighting "black on black crime" on your "Fix My Life" series. We here in Chicago have NEVER seen you come in the hood with your rhetoric, talking about "Fix my life" are playing up to the whites and non blacks in your audience by shifting blame to "black on black crime". Saddening.

Please stop preaching about "black on black crime" UNLESS AND UNTIL you, like many of us in as many ways as we can try to quell this malady,roll your sleeves up and spotlight THAT on your show, to "interrupt the pattern..." Then have seats. You look hypocritical by droning on about that issue without ANY action on your part. You are supposed to be an ELDER. Yet your argument is out of order.

Tighten up, Mama.

When the possibility that white police officers may be threatened arises, here you come with your cameras, trolling for ratings, trying to pacify the victim and mollify the predators. I was HIGHLY disappointed at what you presented tonight. I think that you bit off far more than you can chew, and some things need time before cameras and psychobabble come into the picture.

Were you sent there to "interrupt the pattern", or pacify the "Negroes"??? The flowery rhetoric you preach is nothing new to me. I was raised under many Afrocentric men and women, and pastors, Imams, etc....please be careful that your heart is clear and pure, because it can come across as a new age, evangelical "performance" for your show and for your boss, Oprah Winfrey.

God bless,


Hassan Hartley

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