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OK,OK,OK, so the title was a tad dramatic. I needed to grab your attention, however. I read an article on about radio host Tom Joyner attacking Tavis Smiley yet again, saying he was, in words, "trying to be like Dr. King", and wondered to myself if this silliness will ever have an end to it. I have not seen Tavis attack "Tom"Joyner, but Joyner seems to be acting like a Rotweiler for President Obama, shielding him from any policy based critique coming from the likes of a Tavis Smiley, Dr. Cornel West, or anyone else.

It brings up a larger, more insidious point that goes unspoken in Black America. The code of silence surrounding black folks and this current President because he is African American, has proven to be, in my opinion, counterproductive. All Presidents, no matter their color, represent the power structure that black folks must keep pressure on, to further our collective agenda. This is not personal, no matter Democrat or Republican. If 96% of African Americans voted for President Obama in 2008, and 93% did so in 2012, then that voting bloc represents a constituency that has a right to present the "White"House with an agenda that is important to its own community.

Somehow, black folks, or "Negroes", do not feel that asking for a few things from this administration is appropriate.

We hear all of the popular excuses. I will outline a few and address them:

1). "He is busy trying to get this economy on track, settle these wars, get folks back to work and all this other stuff Bush left him". Well there is no question that he has a heavy job to do. Funny how black folks only bring this up when their issues need to be addressed.

Jews do not care whether or not this President is busy, and Obama MAKES time for Jewish interests and concerns.

I will repeat that.

"Jews do not care whether or not this President is busy, and Obama MAKES time for Jewish interests and concerns."

The Jewish community in the United States is much smaller in numbers than African Americans, with estimates ranging from 12 to 13.5 million, as opposed to between 45 and 50 million for African Americans. They voted consistently for President Obama around 70%. Obama's busy schedule never stopped them from putting their agenda before him, and he stops what he is doing to address their concerns.

Why doesn't POTUS do this for you, black folks?

Latinos/Hispanics voted for him around 70% as well, and they have no problem asking for certain agenda items that will benefit their community. The white LGBT community does the same. THIS IS HOW POLITICS WORKS. You vote for a candidate out of your community's self interest. Not because he is the same color. You petition said Administration for agenda items that will benefit your community. He or she addresses those needs or not. If not, you vote for his opponent and put him out of office. Other voting blocs understand this about politics;why not black folks?

2). "Black people are always criticizing each other. You all wouldn't go after a white President like that". Really? Have we been asleep for the eight years prior to Obama being elected?Black folks left and right were attacking Bush. Not merely criticizing, but attacking(yes it was warranted, but it didn't stop black folks from taking advantage). President Clinton has been roundly criticized for many of his policies that were detrimental to the African American community, while "Negroes" hailed him as the "first Black President". We won't even go into Reagan and that madness from 1980-1988. The nature of politics is to have a critical eye of any Administration's policies, no matter what. We seem to have lost that perspective.

3). "Obama can't wave a magic wand and solve all of our problems...".... Who the hell asked him to? Nobody. No one is looking for one man to ride in, and in Messianic fashion, heal black folks issues. To even suggest this is oversimplification at best, and childish in fact. If I vote for a candidate,I expect him to address certain issues that prompted me to vote in the first place. The mass incarceration of black men unfairly due to the "War on Drugs", disproportionate poverty among black inner city communities that has risen DRAMATICALLY since Obama has taken office, and better educational policies are all realistic things to require this POTUS to address, that will benefit the African American community. It doesn't take a magic wand to do this. Merely a press conference in which he uses his "bully pulpit" to turn the nation's attention to these issues would be a good starting point.

4)."Why you hating? You mad? Why you mad though?" This is the default retort that many Obama "fans"(not supporters) resort to, when they have no argument against sound, measured criticism of Obama policies or the lack thereof. It reeks of teenage taunt-filled childishness. There is an assumed thought process, that because Pres. Obama is black, and we are black, that we must not criticize his policies or lack thereof, because we don't want to help vicious, ignorant right-wing nutjobs in their attack of him. A silence that causes us to subordinate our issues for the sake of some silly "unity" that does not even truly exist in the black community to begin with. If you all were UNITED, then you wouldn't be begging for jobs, but creating jobs for our people, particularly our young men, who are so marginalized that it isn't even humorous.

To be sure, the right wing, especially the "Tea Baggers"(shade intended) has launched an unprecedented assault on this President. I thought the job they did on President Clinton was a beast....until I saw this mess. That should not stop us, however, from challenging the "White"House to address those things that the branches of Government can speak to and craft legislation to assist in.

If this man is smart enough, thick skinned enough, and sagacious enough to become the first African American President, then he can handle a few critiques from us.


I am beginning to believe that the worst thing for black people in 2013 is to have a black President. We have grown even more complacent. More divisive toward each other whenever normal critique of a President occurs. I can't speak to Tavis Smiley or Cornel West's personal feelings about Pres. Obama. What I can speak to, is their right to offer legitimate critique of his policies. Criticism that should not be met with childish personal attacks by Negroes like Tom Joyner, but should prompt thoughtful, nuanced discussion among us to get our needs met.

Maybe it would be better if we had an "adversary" in the White House, instead of someone we looked at as our own family.

Maybe a white President would be in order.

PLEASE NOTE: For all the Obama "fans" and "stans" that wish to engage in petty, childish attacks in regard to my analysis of this President, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT YOU WILL BE BLOCKED IMMEDIATELY UPON YOUR ATTEMPT in whatever Facebook or other social media forum this blog is shown. NO EXCEPTIONS GIVEN.


Sunday, January 27, 2013



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Also, just a quick note to inform you guys that I am currently working on my next project as well! It is a departure from my current project, but no less intriguing....the title of it is, "The New Minstrel Show: Coonery and Buffoonery in 21st Century Black Entertainment", and will focus on the ratchet, ignorant,(or as some folks say,"ignant"), stereotypical imagery of black folks on television, in Hollywood, in sports, and in music. It will be both deep and entertaining, so get ready! Look for it sometime in late summer 2013/early fall 2013!!!!!!!!!!!

Also,my book,"When The Lights Go Out: The Truth About Black Male Prison Sexuality", is now available on my website, as an instant download! For those who may remember, the way the old Paypal system I had set up only allowed you to purchase the e-book version, and I would have to manually email the book to you. That was beyond annoying for me, and I'm sure it was for some of you as well! The price is the same, but it will be far more convenient for all involved to safely, and securely, purchase the e-book formatted version of our book.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy New Year people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May God bless all of you with a prosperous 2013. I have not blogged in a few weeks, but I stumbled upon (actually someone sent me this article but I was sworn not to say who did) an article written below entitled, "Homosexual Behavior as Population Control" by a man named Ridgley Muhammad. the article is listed below:

Here is my response to the good man's article:  


May Allah(God) bless you with the best of health and spirit. I came across your article about homosexual behavior, and had a few comments regarding  your views. This is one of the most short-sighted, uninformed perspectives on sexual orientation that I have ever read. If homosexuality were "population control", then why are there more humans on Earth now than at any time in history? This, despite the fact that more gay men and lesbian women are out and living their lives as they see fit.

Despite there being more black same-gender loving men and women as a part of the black community, it has not affected birth rates at all. In fact, some black gay men and lesbian women still have children and raise them,(because they wish to be mothers and fathers as anyone else would) albeit in silence from persons like the brother who wrote this article. This attempt to scientifically rationalize the Nation of Islam's anti gay stance is ridiculous. If your argument is theological, keep it as a theological argument. These wild-eyed, overly simplistic and off base conspiracy theories make sane minded brothers and sisters not take you all very seriously at all.

If the relationships between black males and females are damaged, then you may want to look into 400 years of dehumanizing chattel slavery, segregation, mass incarceration (that has more black men under criminal control of the Justice System now than black people were slaves in the year 1850, 10 years before the Civil War), and the disparity in education between educated men and women in the black community as contributing factors. You may wish to look into the cyclical generational death spiral that the black community has been in post "integration". Oh, and lest I forget, black on black murder rates having soared to gut wrenching levels in the last 35 years may be another reason there are not enough heterosexual black men for your women to find potential suitors and husbands. Add to that mix, a poverty rate that has scarcely moved since Dr. King's assassination in 1968, and I can sort of understand the disintegration of black male-female relationships. Can you?

Scapegoating gays and lesbians for the ills of the black heterosexual community shows that your ignorance blinds you and hamstrings you from taking effective action to deal with all of the myriad problems in black-male relationships. We are not the cause of your relationship woes. According to a 2010 report, the "DL" myth was debunked as the main factor contributing to black women contracting HIV/AIDS. Their studies found, as well as other studies, showed that black men having multiple female partners in a heterosexual sexual climate, was a much larger factor. Get your own heterosexual house in order.

Being gay is not a "lifestyle" or "preference", any more than heterosexuality is. There are over 1500 species in nature that one could find members of participating in same sex behavior. As a former member of your organization who is now openly same-gender loving, I had to suffer in silence for years because of the way of thinking presented in this article. Minister Farrakhan and many other Ministers/Student Ministers can be heard at any given point calling gay men "faggots", and yet with a straight face, say so innocently, "but we are not homophobic".  People who are not such would not use "baby language", as Master Fard Muhammad and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, your spiritual benefactors, put it, to denigrate those with whom they differ.  I am so glad that I stumbled upon this website and decided to read your words.  I pray Allah bless you with the light of Understanding.


Brother Hassan

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