Thursday, October 22, 2015


Hey guys!

I wanted to take a few minutes to blog about a Youtube clip I recently came across by a woman who calls herself "LovelyTi"....she blogs several times a day and is based in Los Angeles California. This particular blog deals with a woman's claims that she, after being diagnosed as HIV positive, has willfully and deliberately slept with "hundreds" of men and engaged in unprotected sex. The woman's constant refrain was, "I'm undetectable! I'm undetectable!!!!!".

The woman appears to be on drugs or mentally unstable, or perhaps both. Whatever the situation is with this woman, "LovelyTi" chose to opine on the subject, and below is the Youtube clip of her "rant" about the issue:


In the clip, LovelyTi, a woman I follow on Youtube and whose opinion and insight on a great many things I do respect, begins to spew some of the most ignorant, ass backwards misinformation about HIV/AIDS I have heard since I joined the fight back in the late 1990's against HIV/AIDS....

Some facts first:

1). When an HIV positive person is declared by their physician to be "undetectable", it means that based on the blood work done to monitor the amount of virus in their blood, (called "viral load"), that it is so low that it poses little to no harm in the person's body. This does NOT mean the person is "cured" of the virus. One must remain vigilant and adhere to the medications prescribed by their doctor in order to maintain that status. Magic Johnson, for example, has stated on several occasions that he is "undetectable".

2).Any human being, regardless of their health or STD status, that recklessly has unprotected sex with hundreds of persons is a danger to themselves and society. This should go without saying.

3) Heterosexuals like LovelyTi, who live in a bubble that essentially believes that HIV/AIDS is primarily a "gay" disease, spew ignorance such as "I don't know what the hell UNDETECTABLE HIV is...sounds like bullshit to me!" out of fear and lack of education. She cannot help her rank stupidity and the arrogance with which she boasts about it on the above clip. We must educate, not condemn.

It speaks to a deeper code of silence within the black community...particularly black women, who spew out media driven talking points about the virus, homosexuality, etc, without understanding that there are FACTS here-scientifically established facts-that must be brought to the light if we are to truly educate our community. I was disgusted at how this woman, who has a platform wherein thousands of people watch her and listen to her on a daily basis, could be so reckless with her approach to this topic. It makes me question everything else she speaks on.

Black people tend to speak about "truth" only when it vibes with what I refer to as their "emotional narrative"...if a set of facts validates their opinion, then it is "truth"...if it doesn't then it is "bullshit" and they go right on comfortable in their ignorance UNTIL A WHITE MALE AUTHORITY FIGURE TELLS THEM DIFFERENTLY.

Pull it together, Miss Ti, girl.

We're watching.


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