Friday, December 8, 2017

My Talk With Death...

Hey guys....

I just got off the phone with my Mother earlier this morning...

She told me that, "I haven't been 100% honest about what the doctor told me when I visited him last week...I need you to come by and do more things that I physically can't do right now..."

She never went into details about that cryptic statement.

More to the point, I never asked.

Why, Hassan?

Please take a look at this picture.

I took this picture on April 3rd, 2013.

Looks like a normal "selfie", right?

I was broke and couldn't find my bus card that morning.

My Mother called me at roughly 6am and told me she was having a "small" heart attack.

WTF is a "small" heart attack?

Growing up, my mother was physically indomitable to me.

Only 5'2", she scared me in ways it would take hours and pages to describe.

She was invincible.

On April 3rd 2013, I entered her hospital room and looked at her.

She looked....MORTAL.


It was at that point that I finally realized, at age 39, that I could wake up and she would no longer be here.

I was mad at Death.

From 1998-2000, I lost 11 friends and associates to HIV/AIDS related complications.

It seemed like everybody I attached myself to DIED.

When I was 19, I lost the man I called my true "brother", Aaron, to suicide.


On April 3rd, perhaps because of my maturity at age 39, I made peace with the concept of mortality.


So when my Mother made that cryptic comment, I didn't press her on it.

I will push to keep her alive as long as possible.

I no longer fear Death, however.

Death is neither Good , nor Evil.


Now look at the picture above, again.

Can you see the pain?

Can you see.....?

It was literally when I WALKED three miles from the hospital back to my apartment.

After walking three miles to get there.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Hey guys...

 I was watching "Real Time with Bill Maher" last night, as usual, and near the end of the program, Bill began riffing on Muslims being "terrorists"...he's ranted before, and each time more and more anger swelled up in me over his arrogance and hypocrisy.

Let me state clearly that I like Maher.  This dragging will be done with no hard feelings in tow.

Dear Bill,

Hi, it's me, Hassan! Remember last night when you said Muslims were the biggest terrorists in the world today? You weren't reading the "Billboard Hot 100" of world terrorists correctly. you see, the group that has held the number one spot and gone unchallenged in the last five hundred (500)years is a group that you ought to be intimately familiar with, as you are part of them...that group, is white men.


No, this isn't some racist rant from some "pseudo militant" gay black dude.

 Nah, homie.

Just spitting facts.

For arguments sake, I will only use reference sources from white men themselves on not only their historical brutality, but their current debauchery. You can look up the details. I will begin by noting the obvious: White men built a GLOBAL system designed for the promulgation, advancement, and propagandizing of a lie: The myth of white supremacy. In all areas of people activity, people that looked like you, Bill, went into every known area of the world and slaughtered, raped, pillaged, stolen resources, dehumanized, devalued, degraded the non white occupants of that area under the banner of erroneous concepts like "Manifest destiny"(some bullshit that proclaimed that it was your  God given right as white folks to steal shit), and now, after five long brutal centuries of the most cruel, inhumane treatment ever rendered in the history of the world, you, as a white male, have the nerve to proclaim someone else holds your people's crown as a terrorist.

As someone who fancies himself a progressive, I'm sure you are aware of the cliff notes version of all this...whether it was the Maori people of New Zealand, the indigenous people of North America, South America, Central America, Asia, or Africa, white folks systematically robbed, stole, and plundered the planet, terrorizing every non white person in their path. White men perfected sadistic, disgusting, cruel and wicked methods to establish and maintain control over their captives.

Trivia time!

What part of Earth are white people "indigenous" or native to?

Did you guess Europe?


They were not even the first people there.

Didn't know that, huh? There was a group of Africans now known as the Grimaldi, who arrived in Europe between 40 and 50,000 years ago, and through the process of speciation (evolution of distinct species due to environmental and other factors), essentially, for lack of a better term, "became" white. The climate of Europe wasn't conducive to heavy melanin and coarse hair, so as humans do, they adapted...

(I could go into Yacub's History here, but y'all ain't ready for that).

In fact, you guys aren't really native to any part of the planet Earth if you want to be technical... After the Moors civilized you guys, having conquered Europe all the way up to the gates of Vienna, you engaged in a very bitter and vicious series of wars called the Crusades with them. You defeated the Moors eventually, and this is when your reign of unprecedented terrorism begins.

White "nationalists" like Steve Bannon and Donald Trump want to relive the Crusades.


Perfect word choice.

According to all of your own historians, white men set sail around the Earth, never to be subjugated again, and began a race to conquer  the darker people of the world. White men exterminated the Tazmanians in Australia, The Maori in New Zealand, and the Carib Indians. To this moment, all of the wealth whites enjoy on a relative basis, and the myriad of other privileges afforded in a system of white supremacy, was accumulated on the backs of non white people. It would take a true terrorist to do that. Every Western nation on Earth today is built upon either the overt, or in most cases covert display of white supremacy.

Muslims don't hold a candle to white men. Whether they be the Founding Fathers, or the rank and file white Christian male...white Jewish male...or  white "atheist" male, white men unite upon only one major principle. White supremacy.

Notice I haven't even begun on what white men did to black folks yet???

Now I know you are a "liberal" and that means you want me to believe that it's just those right wing  white folks that uphold such beliefs.

Malcolm X warned us clearly about the white liberal.

So suspicion is that anyone who has the nerve and audacity to set a course of action antithetical to white control and subjugation, will get the "terrorist" label placed on them.

I have no love for "ISIS" or any of  those other groups. This is merely a note to remind you that, especially a wealthy white male, you have no space calling anyone else a terrorist, given the debauchery your ilk have heaped on mankind.

(Note: Don't assume for a second that the white woman gets a pass...she is the right hand to white men in the system of white supremacy, and gives no care about picking race over gender or any other factor. Don't be deceived...I just don't feel like typing a whole book on her and him.)

I'll be watching  next Friday though Bill!

(Keep it cute though)

Brother Hassan

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Hi guys!!!!!!

Thanks for helping me get out the last few hundred copies of "When The Lights Go Out: The Truth About Black Male Prison Sexuality"  as I prepare for my next release, "The New Minstrel Show: Coonery and Buffoonery in 21st Century Black Entertainment"  later this year...

I'm not going to get any more copies printed in hardback or paperback, as I'm preparing for the new book release and need ALL coins ready for that print
While the media often paints a picture of a U.S prison system which thrives with rehabilitation and convict reform, many of those who have been inside report a dismal and shocking reality of sexual exploitation, homophobia and disease. Having experienced the dark side of the U.S criminal justice system first-hand, Hassan Hartley exposes the truth in his book, WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT: The Truth About Black Male Prison Sexuality.
The Chicago native was sentenced to three years in a Virginian prison. However, Hartley’s journey of self-correction was coupled with a deep personal study of black men around him. Noticing that many were at different levels in the self-awareness of their own sexuality, the seeds of his book were sewn.
This book is a study into the human sexuality, and sexual identity politics of black men in American prisons. It examines the cultural, moral, and social implications of sexual behavior in prisons due to millions of black men being trafficked in and out of the criminal justice system each year” Says Hartley, who has spent the last six years researching incarcerated black men at prisons all over the United States.

He continues, “I explore the impact of religion and education on how black men view sex in prison, as well as the dangers of HIV and other STD infections that occur. I discuss how heterosexual, bisexual and gay men deal with each other, as well as my own unique and controversial journey that led me to write this book.”
Hartley’s work is the culmination of thousands of personal inmate interviews and online correspondence, during which he both confirmed his own beliefs and was enlightened with new, often disturbing information.
Aside from the personal identity of incarcerated black men, When the Lights Go Out also examines the impact that prison-spread sexually transmitted diseases have on the wider black community, and the United States as a whole.
The homophobia that exists within the black community makes this discussion even more difficult, and my book serves as a bridge to promote healthy, intelligent, nuanced dialogue” Hartley adds.

The book has been garnering much interest among followers of Hartley’s blog. Providing an insightful narrative on the embedded homophobia surrounding current news and affairs, the blog is proving itself as an educational eye-opener on modern America.

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