Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Hey guys....

Below is a copy of an email I received with the words,

Card Violation Warning: Sales Tax‏



So I clicked on the email, assuming that it was mere junk, and here is what it read....



Rosa Montenegro (
High priority
1:50 PM

Cc: Martha Wong, Getchens Plancher, Leslie-Anne Triana, Katherine Cochran, Tracye Eades-Mickle, Chanadra Young, Desislava Angelova

Picture of Rosa Montenegro
From:Rosa Montenegro (
Sent:Tue 3/18/14 1:50 PM
To: (
Cc: Martha Wong (; Getchens Plancher (; Leslie-Anne Triana (; Katherine Cochran (; Tracye Eades-Mickle (; Chanadra Young (; Desislava Angelova (
Good afternoon,

I hope this finds you well. My name is Rossie Montenegro and I am an Office Manager at Florida International University. I have called the number listed on your website (773-655-0125 )to speak with a representative about my issue but have been unable to speak with someone and would greatly appreciate a reply to this email.

I ordered the book "When The Lights Go Out: The Truth About Black Male Prison Sexuality" from your business on behalf of a faculty member in my department on January 2013. I was unaware that I was charged a sales tax of $1.40 from which Florida International University is exempt as a public state university. As a result, I received the violation below and have been instructed to contact you so that the $1.40 sales tax may be refunded into my department credit card.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue promptly. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or require more information. Thank you in advance.

Best wishes,

Rossie Montenegro
Office Manager, Health Services Administration
Florida International University
11200 SW 8th Street, AHC3 320
Miami, FL 33199









NOT $14.00....


NOT $140.00.....




40 CENTS.....


Now, being that my business is an online entity, let's ignore the fact that sales tax is applicable for online companies, and that because I am not based in Florida, Florida laws do not necessarily apply....

  Did you catch the date of the sale...?

January, 2013...?

What year is it now...?

This...."Woman".....decided to write a multiple paragraph letter, and then CC it to about ten different people in her school...


Ever since the death of Trayvon Martin, I have been suspicious of non-blacks in Florida. This confirms that doubt.

How petty.

How utterly infantile and petty.


So petty, that I had to put her on BLAST.


This is all.

Brother Hassan




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