Saturday, November 9, 2013


Hey guys!

I was booted out of a Facebook travel group dedicated to "international travel".


You will never, ever guess why.
A black female posted an article reposted from a blog by Cory Alexander Haywood listed below:

In this travel group on Facebook,(Nomad-ness Travel) the black women who read this article did not deconstruct it with logic, see it for what it was(a conversation piece wherein generalizations are used to get black men and women to discussing "interracial" relationships, an already incendiary topic), they went on the attack.

Personal insults, vitriol, anger, viciousness were the order of the day as the response to this ONE black man's blog. The level of viciousness is never higher than when black women are criticized, no matter the topic. Black males can be thrown under the bus with frequency and regularity akin to rush hour in a major city when it comes to topics related to us.

Are black women so above reproach that they cannot even withstand ANY critique, whether justified or not????

When I asked several of the black women who were launching personal attacks against the guy to give a cogent, coherent argument in response without emotion to his blog, they turned their sights on me personally.

It got nasty.

One woman, who was nearly 275lbs. with a haircut no longer than mine, began attempting to call me an "internet troll"  

I fired back with statistics about 80% of black women being classified as "obese" and going in on her personally to show her that if you want to get personal, you PICKED THE RIGHT DUDE TO TRY IT WITH.

She backed off slowly with every wig snatching read I shot her way. Some other gal named Kia Richards tried to back her up and was even more vicious. I asked her if she was a bitch(are you a bitch?I don't recall saying anything to you and yet you called me a "loser", Fag"  and other names in my inbox)...., and she immediately retreated after that, when I asked her if she was a bitch and pointed out she was named after the cheapest car on the market, but wants me to treat her like a queen. After one of the admins, a woman with a penis who identified itself as Jason Francis, deleted me, I began putting dots together...

Most of the negative customer service I see in person happens occurs when black women are the cashiers.

Nasty, rude, overbearing, mean, aggressive, bossy, shrill behavior that has no place in a customer service context.

Obviously all black women are not like this, but my need to preface my critique with such remarks shows how  vitriolic and illogical the ones that are can be.

Let's face it: The black community is a matriarchy, and there are far too many black women who feel that blistering attacks on black men with whom they disagree on ANYTHING is "cute" and acceptable. Ask for logic and with each response, they devolve five years until kindergarten viciousness is their norm. When Iyanla Vanzant said black women were "out of order" months ago, even she was attacked with hatred by her own sisters.

Whether I agree or disagree with even a word of dude's article, my merely asking for logic got me attacked as if I were him so let's have at it. Black women use black men as verbal punching bags in these incendiary debates, yet the minute a brother fights back, far too many play "victim" and act as though they did nothing wrong.

I'm sick of nasty, rude, shrill, disrespectful sisters in customer service positions thinking that they can treat black male patrons like dirt, but if a white male comes in( and I have witnessed this) and calls them a bitch, they have the classic Negro Bed Wench look of hurt and rejection in their eyes, as if their master did not validate them.





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  1. I saw the whole conversation today and you are absolutely accurate. That's why I wanted to add you to a Facebook group of like minded guys.
    I have actually seen the same pattern in that group. It's pretty much a Black feminist playground. I especially saw it a few months ago when I several guys commented on Italy. The Black woman's version of Rio. You can guess that was met with nothing but personal attacks from those bitter broads.
    And as far as being a resource for travelers, that's really suspect. I found out when I posted asking for info for my recent trip to Senegal. Either they really don't know shit or you have to be in the black feminist clique to get the run down.



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