Monday, October 22, 2012

My Conversation with a Muslim About Human Sexuality! LOL

Hey guys!

The following is a debate sparked off in a Facebook group about the following article:

This brother who is a Muslim,  responded with the following...


  • JML It's obvious that most (not all) gays & lesbians are produced by households that have absent fathers. The single parent woman dominates the kids. The male gives in and adopts her inner characteristics, the female competes with her dominance and seeks a...See More
  • JML typo - when she has kids
  • JML Others suffer from sexual and emotional abuse that occurs in dysfunctional households and social circles.
  • J.M.L. I don't usualy address politics when speaking to believers but in light of the upcoming election, I believe that compassionate conservatism in addressing the situation head on is more effective than pampering and pandering to the demographic which empowers immorality.
  • MM.D.M. Highly refined pig manure with artificial sweetener on it.
  • Hassan HartleyJML being gay does not mean you are feminine or want to be a woman, any more than being a lesbian means you want to be a man. The premise of your argument is deeply flawed and misinformed. Many gay and lesbian people have both parents i...See More
  • Hassan Hartley I would respectfully caution us, when having this discussion, not to allow our "feelings" about these people to cloud the central argument at hand..
  • JML I don't buy what you are selling Bro. You are trying to make evil fair seeming. Doesn't work on me.
  • JML Even Bible scriptur points out the desire to cross gender roles. And condemns it.
  • JML scripture
  • Hassan Hartley JML sexual orientation has NOTHING to do with cross gender roles, so your point fails. You are basing your analysis off stereotypes, not facts. This is a debate I am happy to have as a scholar.
  • Hassan Hartley You watch too much Tv where you see drag queens and mannish looking women...reality is not that way.
  • Hassan Hartley I am approaching this as a behavioral scientist, not a preacher or Imam....
  • JML I read the Holy books which are not inaccurate.
  • Hassan Hartley Hiding behind the Qur'an instead of using it to see into science is a hallmark of ignorance, sir. No disrespect.
  • JML I'm not a specialist in sexual behavior but I've dealt with a lot of personalities. Bring any homosexual man before me and I will expose the inappropriate femininity in his character and ultimately his social behavior. Vice versa with a woman. To be cl...See More
  • Aliyah Farooq Don't mean to but in, but are either of you gay?
  • JML I'm not Sister. I want to add that Male and Female - Man and Woman are spiritual beings. Gender characteristics are not limited to the physical body. God formulated the characteristics of man through divine instructions not just by physical formation.
  • Hassan Hartley JML that sort of unscientific braggadocio is more Mitt Romney-like than anything I find credible. Aliyah Farooq I have interviewed, literally thousands of persons in prison, on the street, and any and everywhere else on the topic of hum...See More
  • Hassan Hartley This is like talking to a brick wall with a bowtie on. I'm off to bed. If I'm still in this group in the morning, and you have a cogent argument to present, I will continue this discourse. Otherwise, As-Salaam- Alaikum to you all.
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