Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Special Message from Brother Hassan's Publishing, LLC

Hey guys!

  Just wanted to drop a quick note to all of you to clarify, as nicely as I know how, how the whole process of obtaining my book, "When The Lights Go Out: The Truth About Black Male Prison Sexuality" works.

1). You can go to and purchase a copy at any time!. Paperback version is $20.00, E-Book format is $15.00. It will get to you much faster if you go through my website. If you are the type that "only does Amazon" because it is a label named spot for book purchases, then expect to receive my book in about two weeks, as opposed to two business days. Amazon is on their own timetable, not mine. I have no control over how they process book fulfillment orders. I generally autograph all copies purchased through my website.  We here at Brother Hassan's Books are working on getting the e-book version instantly downloadable on our site, so please bear with us. As we get your order we will send it as fast as we can.

2)I love all of you dearly. I truly do. However, do not inbox me or ask me in any setting for a free copy of my book. Not being stingy, or selfish, or greedy, but I have devoted a lot of time and hard work into this three-volume series, and unless you have verified press credentials, we will not be sending out any more free copies. That comes at great expense to us, and just because you created a Facebook group, or have some gossip website, does not entitle you to special treatment. I get the whole marketing/networking thing...I really do....however, it is a slap in the face to any author, when some Negro always expects other people to give them your hard work, when they will not even appreciate it. We are not concerned if other authors have enabled your sense of entitlement. We here at Brother Hassan's Books are not here for that.

3). We here at Brother Hassan's Books, are not printing hardcover copies at this time. Some of you all seem offended by this, and we regret that you feel this way. However, we are a business, and until business gets to the point where we can purchase bulk inventory of hardcover copies at a reasonable price, we have to work within our limited budget. We do not invoice customers either. One must purchase a copy, and then it will be sent.

Thank you guys soooooooo much for your understanding! As we get bigger, we will be making changes as needed!


Brother Hassan

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