Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Open Letter to Dr. Boyce Watkins PART TWO

Here is my response to the latest article by Dr. Boyce Watkins, this time dealing with Minister Louis Farrakhan's response to President Obama's position on same-sex-marriage:

He makes sure THESE comments get Moderator approval, so I am posting them on my blog for the world to see. Odd, how any opposing views to his position get mysteriously deleted.

"Dr. Boyce Watkins seems extremely giddy on this topic, since it is his SECOND article on the Minister in less than 24 hours. I am an openly gay man that grew up in the Nation Of Islam under the leadership of The Honorable Louis Farrakhan, so I possess a unique perspective having been on BOTH sides of this issue. Minister Farrakhan gave me a partial scholarship to attend college, and I was in the ranks for many,many years as one of his followers. I hope the Minister does not allow his words to be juxtaposed to President Obama’s position(we will not all agree on every issue), because at the end of the day, what the gay/lesbian/same gender loving community does with itself does not impact or hurt black folks. Mass incarceration, illiteracy, unemployment, dependence of white folks, etc are issues that devastate the black community,NOT who I marry.

Whether or not it is religiously acceptable for me to marry the person of my choice( how odd, seeing as how 99.5% of these Negroes who Bible thump and Qur’an pump don’t follow their OWN Scripture, but will dust off their books to condemn gays)does not rank on my list of priorities for the Black Nation. This OBSESSION Dr. Watkins seems to have with Obama and same-sex marriage needs to be put on chill. Using this to scapegoat gays and placate his, along with other Negro “pseudo-militant” intellectuals LACK of action on the CRITICAL issues regarding black folks(“criticizing” people with blog articles and Oovoo video clips, although technically a verb, is in FACT not a real “action”).

Step out of the video clips and come on down to the hood to help solve the black-on-black crime, massive incarceration, unemployment, HIV, and 20 other issues that threaten to wipe black America clean off the map. As a black same gender loving man, I can assure you that WE are not the reason so many black women can’t find a man. Hell I can’t find one either! Perhaps the MILLIONS of brothers hidden away in the Criminal Justice System are where the sistas wanna look to see where the men have gone.


  1. Brother Hassan
    Why is it a problem when religious people speak out about what God approves of and what he doesn't approve of. The problem is y'all are taking your issue to other people for approval and by doing this you bring out their comments on your position, then get mad when our position doesn't fit in your agenda. It's unfair to us because y'all are bringing your issue to us for approval. Truth has come to you!

    1. Maurice, with all due respect...Dr. Boyce Watkins is NOT a person who identifies himself as a religious person or one who represents "religious" values. He is an "intellectual" and an academic. I personally gives NO FUCK about what you think of me as a gay man. What I have an issue with is you trying to tell me I don't have equal rights based on YOUR religious values( which, by the way, are NOT practiced with integrity in the black community). So save that "religious" argument because it has no place on my page.



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