Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bringing Black college men and Black Male inmates together(REPOST FROM MYSPACE ACCT)


Bringing Black college men and Black Male inmates together

Hey everyone! I had an idea that i wanted to run across you guys.....i was watching a BET news special called"Black Men::the Truth" that aired yesterday,Fathers Day,2007, and they disputed the statistic widely mentioned that there are more Black men in prison than in college.The original study that was based on was FLAWED. Having graduated from an HBCU(Historically Black College and University)..AND spent years in a state prison, I wondered ...What if we could get 50,000 to 100,000 Black men who graduated from college to reach out TO 50,000-100,000 Black inmates in prison?here is what i mean:

1). Young brothers in prison,many of them,do not have the educational tools to turn away from a life of crime.Many grew up in neighborhoods where they rarely EVER saw educated,well spoken Black men around them consistently.Mentoring on a MASS level could reverse the perception by many inmates that to be "educated" means u wanna act more "white"...or even act "gay"(Yes guys, alot of young men actually think like that!!!!!!!)

2). The program would start off dealing with younger offenders(up to 26) and expand as involvement grows.Many of our young brothers locked up CAN BE SAVED.... i'm telling you because i have been there!It wont come off "preachy" or judgmental, but can be a real, substantive way that these two segments of the Black community can unite and begin to stop the dangerous cycle that leads to so many Black men in prison. Many states have been receptive to this idea(i fished it around a bit b4 bringing it to you all).

3).College brothers would begin to become a real,substantive part of these brothers lives,not just lip service. We want to emphasize that we as Black men are capable of helping each other, and that just because we went to school,make X amount of dollars per yr,etc,that we cant give back to the community we are a part of.
4)Our Black Greek lettered organizations(Alpha,Kappa,Sigma,Omega,etc) would be an instrumental ally in this program...what better community service can you have than to help a young Brother in prison realize that they really can be intelligent,educated,and live a crime free life???

I have the raw outline for what i want this project to accomplish....But I need your help in formulating a specific strategy to bridge these two worlds together. Its time. If we don't help ourselves,Black brothers,no one will help us.Any ideas will be greatly appreciated! Once the Program is complete,i will take it and RUN with it......Holla back!

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